What to do while you are waiting

What to do while you are waiting

A while ago I was discussing with Olubunmi Mabel and I told her that I am not sure I am living my life to the fullest as a single woman. I mean, I

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A while ago I was discussing with Olubunmi Mabel and I told her that I am not sure I am living my life to the fullest as a single woman.

I mean, I have so many gifts I have not even explored quite well. An example is my gift of singing. I also think that I have something in acting. I am not saying that I would be becoming a musician or actress or something. I just mean that I could do something with these things.

This is not to say that I cannot keep on exploring the talents and gifts the Lord has given to me even when I get married. It is just that it might be a little bit challenging given the responsibilities that might creep in, especially when a child is finally involved.

I want to bring alive my YouTube channel, there are some categories on my blog I haven’t been able to bring to life yet due to some constraints. I am planning to take another postgraduate course in Communications or New Media. I want to travel. I want to learn how to do a certain number of things, the list would go on and on here if you allow me.

Ife Grace and I still discussed this yesterday. She thinks that many of the married people she knows have comfortably fallen into a routine. I agree with her because many of the married girls I know are in that too.

I have a number of things I want to do with my life and I am not even near many of them yet. This isn’t only about singlehood and the waiting period before marriage. I want this article to be about the waiting period before anything at all.

What do you do before you have all the money you need to buy that land or all the outfits you need to launch your fashion store? What do you do while you wait for your 100 L first semester result or for the baby in your womb to come out?

Too many times we are consumed with the next phase, the next thing, the result, the goal, the final outcome and we in the process miss out on life.

We miss out on life, its essence, its beauty, nature, love, relationships, good food, interesting TV shows. We miss out on our hobbies, rest, true friendship, self-care, personal hygiene. This is all because we are totally consumed with that short-term, medium or long-term goal that isn’t forthcoming yet.

If you ask me, I would suggest that you truly live while you wait. Focus on achieving that goal but live in the process. Don’t sit around waiting for the man or woman to come, actively take part in your life.

I want you to read what Eniola posted on Instagram last week. I was at work when I stumbled on it and I paused to let it sink in. I read it over and over because nothing seemed truer as at the time. You should read it too.

It’s easy to fall into the cycle of sitting around while waiting for each stage to happen, or fretting while waiting for that goal to be accomplished but if we can practice coming back to living life everytime we fall in, we would have succeeded in recognizing anxiety and dumping it as soon as it creeps in.