‘Men Cheat And You Can’t Change It’– Celebrity Stylist, Toyin Lawani Defends Her Controversial Post

Nigerian celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani who sparked controversy across social media platforms with her father’s day post, has defended the Inst

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Nigerian celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani who sparked controversy across social media platforms with her father’s day post, has defended the Instagram post which got the reaction of some notable Nigerian celebrities.

Recall that Toyin Lawani had in her previous post, claimed that men cheat and it is 10 women to one man. In her new post, Toyin Lawani who noted that Nigeria is the only place you can’t voice your opinion in peace, further defended her claims as she added that no one can change the fact that men cheat and women have to settle for it to have a peaceful home.

Her post reads;

Hahahhahha I have not stopped laughing since yesterday night,Number Nigeria is the only place I know that you can’t voice your opinion in peace,without assuming you are shading someone,Get it into your heads,Yes I will say it again&again ,Men cheat &you can’t change it,Doesn’t mean you should accept it thou or encourage them,But it’s Best you give your man a peaceful home& ignore somethings,I don’t also support Women beaters,I walked out of my home cause of such,But you didn’t see me coming on social media to explain to you people,cause it’s not your business.

Relationships should be left at home where it belongs,not on ig,men feels it’s their right to cheat,that they are entitled to plenty Women,but they still want someone responsible to have kids with and build a future with,well kudos to all the loyal men out there,who don’t stray?, you will be lucky that you meet A good man that will respect you enough to hide it well,Yes we are not meant to have this kind of mentality,but it is what it’s is,most women find it hard to accept cause they are in denial ,they love their men so much,well we all do ,wasn’t my choice to have kids from different men,I cannot kill myself na,But I hustle hard for my kids and give them the best life,without help from no one,do you think it’s easy to take care of two kids by onesElf?education,daily needs,hospitals,travel etc? But you don’t see me condemning their dads daily at any opportunity I get,cause the dads act up doesn’t mean we all have to,two wrongs don’t make a right,did they force me to have the kids?

So I’m also responsible for them too,I have been a father and a mother to my kids since birth ,but I do it with grace,Before you misquote me,read between the lines well,I have said what I have to say,if you don’t like it???????marriage it is not by force,some dads don’t even chip in and want to even take the glory at your kids events,but don’t be bitter let them,All I Said was Appreciate the sperm they donated cause you can’t form the baby by yourself simple?????????????????????

We all don’t have to hate,I choose love ,simply.

I have had to starve for the needs of my kids,we all have made sacrifices,Do it With Grace?