Nigerian Blogger, Amacutiex Narrates How She Was Tagged A Thief And Almost Beaten Because Of Mistaken Identity 

Nigerians are always furious and ready to take actions whenever a Thief or a fraudster is pointed out. Amacutiex who is a blogger, writer and dancer h

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Nigerians are always furious and ready to take actions whenever a Thief or a fraudster is pointed out.

Amacutiex who is a blogger, writer and dancer has taken to her Instagram page to Narrates How she was labeled a thief and almost beaten because of a mistaken identity but the intervention of an educated man in the bus helped saved the situation. 

Her post:


On my way to work on Tuesday ,normal normal I dey jump bus, I got into this particular bus, sat down and started listening to my music , then this lady entered the bus and before she sat down she gave me this scary look that made me pause my music but I no send na so I just left it , but as the bus started moving , she kept on turning back to look at me , she will look at me then look at her phone , man I couldn’t stand it so I bent my head down to avoid her face then all of a sudden someone grabbed my top from behind and started shouting THIEF O THIEF O?? guy I wan mad ?, I was shocked , I looked up and guess what , it was that same woman that was giving me the weird stare in the bus that was harrassing me like that, I was like “madam what are you talking about and why on earth will you call me a thief when you don’t even know me” by that time , everyone in the bus was just staring at us, the woman kept on shouting thief!thief!! I swear down I almost slapped her , she was like “was it not you that duped me of 1Million Naira land investment and you think I won’t find you, you must give me my money today o” one foolish fool in the bus that looks like an uncircumcised hot dog opened his mouth to say “ ahh, fine girl like you so you sabi thief like this , God don catch you , them go finish u for here” I gave him the shut up speech of his life and told him to close that gutter he calls mouth if he doesn’t know anything about what’s happening, lucky for me there was an elderly and educated man In the bus , he told the lady to show us a picture of the lady that duped her (that was after I was screaming at the woman that I’m not whoever she thinks duped her) immediately,she showed the man the picture then showed other people in the bus before she showed it to me , guy? the lady in the picture was 80% my replica but once u look at her and look at me you would see a slight difference (that was my nose and my mouth), the elderly man and some people in the bus (that have good eye o) told her that the lady in the picture wasn’t me but looked like me , the lady no gree o, she already made up her mind that I was.


The one , then I asked her the name of the woman that duped her,she refused at first ,saying if she told me I was going to change my name(such a fool) then I told her I have all my ID cards with me and my ATM cards with my name on them , she still refused , then people in the bus started shouting at her that she should say the lady’s name , finally she said it and it wasn’t even an Igbo name, Shade Popoola , I was just mad , then I told everyone In the bus My full names and showed them all my fucking IG cards and My ATM cards with my names on them , I always beat up this stupid woman mehnn!! It was a moment of mixed feelings, I was ANGRY, EMBARRASSED,SHOCKED,PROVOKED and GENTLE , the gentle aspect just saved her that day, after realizing I had nothing to do with the woman she was accusing me of being , she started apologizing, I was just shouting at her and I warned her that he’s very lucky I’m not some tout that would have beaten her for accusing me wrongly , she kept on apologizing until I told her it was fine .

The only thing on my mind was “ What If the people in the bus were agberos,touts,uneducated youths and rascals, what do you think would have happened to me the moment she grabbed my shirt and started shouting THIEF❓it would have been a different experience for me ??

End of my story ,this day was the worst day of my entire life on this earth ??the world must hear my story o,it can happen to anyone when you least expect it ??