Teddy A’s Babymama Slams Him On Twitter, Calls Him A Deadbeat Father

Big Brother Naija Ex-Housemate,  Teddy A’s babymama, Layla took to Twitter yesterday evening to call out the reality show star who she accu

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Big Brother Naija Ex-Housemate,  Teddy A’s babymama, Layla took to Twitter yesterday evening to call out the reality show star who she accused of being a deadbeat father.

According to Teddy A’s babymama he has only sent money for his son’s upkeep once, and she has secrets that can make people loose respect for him. Layla who claimed she’s got proof of his ‘irresponsibility’, told him to take care of his son before giving money to his fans.

Teddy A’s babymama also screenshots of a Whatsapp chat, backing up her claim of being begged to write a fake post of the reality show star, being a great dad to their son.

She tweeted;

I don’t have a short temper, I have a quick reaction to bullshit. Before you give money to fans left and right take of your kid first smdh. Ain’t playing with you nigga I am allergic to bullshit.

Fear what you don’t know. I got so much prove on your ass so don’t fuck with me before I scatter your fake life mumu. I’m trying to keep my cool but I guess u like my wahala.

Oya Hurricane Layla on the way to scatter everything with facts. Whatever ppl thing of me don’t matter I’m tired of taking care of my son while you’re there having fun Nd living the fake life, fake everything.

I keep warning you but your mumu self Won’t listen, arrogance will kill you. You know I got so much prove on your ass if I put it on here they will loose respect for you so stop fucking with me nd be a good father to your son stop showing ppl fake life Before I blast you

I have time today. How many time I warned your ass. U can lie don’t them but not me cuz you know the secrets I got on you. So piss me off one more time and they will know who chief Tope is. Why these mother fuckers thing is ok to let a mother take care of their pikin while u here having fun, nah I’m not one of those BM

You are so manipulative only a mumu can’t see it. I go with the flow, you want wahala I’ll serve it you want peace u know what to do. For 5 yrs I been taking of my son the first you send him money was on his bday, so don’t tell I didn’t try o

I call him send him messages to keep peace but I guess he like to fuck with me. Your son should be your priority nigga. They don’t know the way I know you so stop bullshit Nd be a good father to your son nd stop deceiving yourself biko

I’m a mother so i won’t let that slay anymore, chief Teddy is so ungrateful. Please Chief Teddy just try me one more chai the way I’ll blast your fans won’t be ready Omo the truth is bitter o. Omo this baby momma got some power I will leave it there, he knows what I’m talking about so chief respect yourself I beg Nd do the right thing. You don’t hear me well I don’t give a fuck