Lagos vs Abuja Rant Debate: Faceb00k Users Fight Dirty Over Which State Is Best

Lagos vs Abuja Rant Debate: Faceb00k Users Fight Dirty Over Which State Is Best

Facebooker debates on what city is better between Lagos and Abuja.

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It’s no news that the most tushed and interesting place to work or live in Nigeria is either Lagos or Abuja. However, the Facebook Nigeria Nation has taken it upon themselves to a debate which state is better than the other.

The unending  argument started from Bibian Chinenye Pius-Urum wall as she wrote an epistle and warn people not to compare Lagos with Abuja.

Bibian Chinenye Pius-Urum who lives in Abuja, is of-course supporting Abuja. She made her own argument that Abuja is better than Lagos by highlighting the bad and inhuman things in Lagos
She wrote

Dear Lagosians,

Please, stop this madness. Please.

How on earth do you compare Abuja to Lagos? Just how?

I agree that Lagos is the economic hub of Nigeria, I totally agree. All the banks have their head offices in Lagos. You get the best law practice in Lagos. I had my law school in Lagos, unarguably the best campus of the Nigerian Law School. But that’s just all that there’s to Lagos.

You can’t compare the living condition in Abuja to Lagos, you just can’t.

The air in Lagos is dirty, no apologies guys. I visit Lagos, return to wherever I visited from and fall sick. It’s a routine. Should we talk about your gutters, Lagosians?

Your road network is terrible. Your means of transportation is even worse. It’s only in Lagos that you find planks or plastic chairs as bus seats.

Lagos is traffic jam and traffic jam is Lagos, you can’t separate one from the other. In Lagos, you leave your house hours before the time slated for your appointment or you’ll be doomed.

While I was in law school, I visited my cousin somewhere around Maryland, left there for school the next morning, by 6am. I managed to get to VI few minutes to 9am. 20km in 3 hours! What kinda life is that?

On another occasion, I spent 7k from Ikeja to Lekki on Über. Even Kubwa to Nyanya will not cost that much in Abuja.

Here in Abuja, I leave my house by 7:30am, some days and still get to work before 8am. My office is 12km from my place and it’s just a 13 minutes drive.

Should we talk about your lifestyle? The spirit of madness that possesses anyone that steps into Lagos? Anytime somebody misbehaves here, the person must have a link to Lagos.

It is that madness that led one of you to start this Lagos/Abuja war. No sane person would have started it.

Your airport is like your Balogun market, not even a bit of orderliness. Is that what you call life?

See Chiluba calling out Abuja for water scarcity. Hehehe. Please, come and tell us the nature of water that you used all through your stay in law school. Lagos is surrounded by water, yet they can’t even boast of clean water.

In Lagos, police officers will frisk you for just having dreadlocks. They will ask for Laptop and phone receipts. The next moment, you’re being accused of being a fraudster.

In Lagos, a danfo/molue conductor will not give you your change till you get to your bus stop. He’ll either give you incomplete change and zoom off or marry you to another passenger.

In Lagos, they will package a Samsung phone with soap inside and sell to you. When you complain of being duped they will tell you to be street wise.

You Lagosians are perpetually angry. Why won’t you be angry when you spend half of your lifetime stuck in traffic?

Should we talk about your pickpockets? Where did one chance originate from? You use the slightest opportunity to defraud people and you’re proud of it. You call it street wisdom.

Should we talk about Lagos landlords, their terrible houses, horrible attitudes and exorbitant rents? Lagosians connect their bathroom pipes to gutters.

Abuja is more expensive, I know. But you’ll get value for your money.

Darling Lagosians, you need to leave your den of insanity and have a taste of sanity, sometimes. I know it’s difficult, but you just have to try.

Come to Abuja and experience good road networks. The only traffic jam we have here is usually caused by traffic lights and it does not last beyond 86 seconds. Anything beyond that, just know that a Lagosians has a hand in it.

Come to Abuja and experience something close to a steady power supply.

Come to Abuja and meet courteous civil servants who will most likely not ask you for bribes to do their jobs, police officers who will treat you with respect.

Abuja is the place to live in, Lagos is the place to visit for your business and be on the next flight back to Abuja.

Being a city dominated by Yorubas, I respect Lagos for its old age and being the first federal capital territory, but please, can you all quit comparing it to Abuja.

Thank you!

With love, from the beautiful city of Abuja,
Bibian Chinenye Pius-Urum

P. S: Let’s assume you get two job offers that pays the same salary, you have your car and accommodation already sorted out in Abuja and in Lagos, choose ye this day which you will take; Lagos or Abuja?

In her argumentative epistle, ending with a poll. However, over 70% choose Abuja.









In another wing, Eby Amanda Pius-Urum Bibian’s friend who probably lives or have lived in Lagos. she made a comeback argumentative eulogy about Lagos connecting the bad situations with it advantages.

Eby Amanda Pius-Urum

She wrote

“The insult you get for being a Nigerian.

Lagos is a Nigerian that molds something out of nothing. It hurts that is Abuja that is talking. Abuja oh!

Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria but it houses everyone from the 35 states in Nigeria.

The soil of Lagos do not discriminate.

Lagos, the only city that molds the weak, strong and the brave.

Lagos is the only city that is boldly written ‘THIS IS LAGOS’ at the entrance and not ‘welcome yen yen yen’ because you are about to face the real world.

NYC is learning about night life from Lagos. Jụọ ese!

Nigeria music leaves from Alaba to the world.

Dance steps leaves from Lagos to the world.

Please, what is the bank headquarters doing at Marina? Is supposed to be in Abuja abi? This is Lagos.

Lagos gives you the good and bad life. Is left for you to sieve it.

90% of the Igbo millionaires started from Lagos to the world.

You want to buy land? The ọmoniles will humble you!

Idumota? Ịrụ olu. Guys gba kasa! You enter there pick all pickables and run back to your Abuja.

Lagos yen yen yen! But you come to computer village to sort for your gadgets. If you no dey careful sef! We’ll sell it in your presence.

Please oh! Do you have Quilox in Abuja?

Lagos won’t pamper you.

Lagos traffic is the sauce. Laye! Lagos will loose it’s taste without the traffic.

Lagos is street. From Ajegunle to Banana Island, if you do anyhow, you see anyhow.

What is Lagos without the Alayes ring tone ‘Ketu!
Wole, wole! Enter with your change oh! 😂😂😂

Ajah, Lekki, Ajah! Law school, law school!
Jakande! Hold your change oh! 😜😜😜a

Lagos is Nigeria.

Abuja people, bow!

Lagos today, Lagos tomorrow, Lagos forever!

Osha pra pra!

Osha pro pro!

#dancing…. 🎶 oya fun wo legbegbe… 🎶”

– Written by Eby Amanda Pius-Orum



This Argument didn’t stop there, other facebookers started picking side as they use to do.

Victor Daniel who lives in Kogi but has somewhat experienced Lagos/Abuja life , wasn’t left out. He supported  the #TeamAbuja head-on dissing #TeamLagos with short subs

Victor Daniel

Olumide GlowVille with the diss and subs. Even with the jaw dropping dis from victor, he dissed #TeamAbuja to gain small grounds.

Onyx Godwin Ogaga a MUA, made an epic comparison between both states she said

Lagos – Beyonce. (perfection)

Abuja – Taylor Swift (white, privileged, entitled and spoilt)

Port Harcourt – Nicki Minaj (always showing themselves and trying to prove one Kain thing)

Owerri – Cardi B (razz, razz, razz)

Enugu – Selena Gomez (famous but not relevant)

Ibadan – Madonna ( old , should retire but seriously want to be relevant)

If I didn’t mention your City here it’s because it isn’t relevant.

I’m in my house, come and beat me


From another angle, Kola Onifoto with the banter. A Lagos die hard fan picked his bases of his argument from the street life.

Kola Onifoto

he said,


Lagos is that front seat of Danfo you are dragging with a fellow passenger just because you want to sit comfortably and do your make up with the side mirror because you have an important job interview in an hour..

Lagos is that conductor that won’t even think twice before cursing your real dad if you give him 1k for a 50# journey and then he told you before you entered that “Kosi changii o”..

Lagos is that Lastma official that is dragging steering with your driver as the passengers shout at the driver to stop the vehicle “you wan kill us nii”..

Lagos is that fresh air on 3rd mainland bridge when the road is free, it is also that toxic gas that can choke you up when there is an unending traffic..

Lagos is that Danfo that will break down in the middle of nowhere and passengers will crowd the conductor to collect their money back..

Lagos is National boys on every bus stop collecting their own money..

Lagos is the heartbeat of business and madness..
Abuja should take several seats back and remain a spoilt child it is..


Hours later, Bibian Chinenye Pius-Urum made another update on subconscious things living in Lagos made her do.

she wrote,

You cannot visit Lagos and your life will remain the same.

Lagos damages you psychologically.

Lagos is traumatic.

One year after I left Lagos, I still hold my phones tightly with both hands whenever I’m in a cab, even outside Lagos.

I still clutch my handbags closely while walking on the road.

I still get suspicious when someone especially a young guy is walking behind.

I still find it difficult answering total strangers or giving them directions.

I still get suspicious when a stranger’s body touches mine. I feel my breasts to be sure they are still two.

I still find it difficult giving alms to beggars along the road.

I still don’t enter cabs with only men them.

This is what Lagos does to you, the trauma never leaves you. It damages you slowly.

Pray tell, how do people who claim to be sane survive there?



Anne Abidemi Akinnagbe  on a neutral ground advised people to leave the banter do what for them.

she wrote

My office opens 8.30am. This is 8am and I am just leaving home. It’s certain I will get to work before resumption time, even if I leave home 8.05am. This is Lagos, the same Lagos where y’all complain about.

Even when I lived in Gaduwa estate and my office was at Wuse 2 (within that same AMAC), I had to leave home not later than 7am if I must meet up with 8am resumption. Lagos traffic Lagos traffic, like say traffic nor dey wear cover shoe for Apo bridge, Zone 4 to Berger, those Karu/Nyanyan/Mararaba/Masaka people nko? Ask my friend who lived in Kuje and was working at Wuse 2 how far, she will tell you it’s same as people who live in Sango and work in Ajah, an experience not far from what a lot of people have described. The traffic in Karimo nko? What of Apo/Kabusa/Damangaza axis?

Where do you people stay when you visit Lagos? Where did you live and where was your working place before you relocated to Abuja? People who live in Lekki and work in VI don’t complain. Those who live in Iyana Ipaja and work in Ikeja don’t complain, same as I who live in Surulere and work in Ilupeju. I have colleagues who live on that same Ikorodu road and even within Ilupeju axis, they never complain.

The key is doing whatever works for you. About the same time I was to start this job, I got another at Ikeja but turned it down. I needed a stress-free life of sanity so I chose the closest. You can’t be living in Agbara and be working in Ajah, thinking stress will not finish your life. You will say how many people have the opportunity to make choices, that’s why here is called Lagos. Opportunity yapa, if one doesn’t work for you just go for another. You are stressed because you want to be stressed. Lagos is not killing anybody, nah una dey kill unasef.

Having said all this, I still have plans of relocating to Abuja yet again if I will still remain in this country, the quiet life is what no one can take from that beautiful city, that’s for those who love it. While considering that, Lagos rocks titi lailai.

Off I go. Y’all have a beautiful day.



Whose side are supporting? Lagos or Abuja

I’m correctbae, I say what I see, I don’t do gossip.